Winners of the Annual Metra Safety Poster Competition

The Glenview School of Arts encourages its students to join the annual Metra safety poster competition, promoting safety in a fun and imaginative way. We believe in the importance of community competitions and have been proud of our winning students.


This year’s contest theme “Keep yourself(ies) Safe: Look, Listen and Live.” had 10 winners! 2 first place winners, 1 second place, 5 third place, and 2 honorable mentions.

First place winners: Habin Park, Madeline Oh

Second place winner: Juliana Craven

Third place winners: Kaya Matsunaga, Sky Hana, Ava Prosko, Julia Petrea, Janet Wong

Honorable mentions: Sydney Aul, Audrey Chan


This year's poster theme was "Make Safety Your Focus: Look, Listen and Live". This year alone we had 14 different winners! We had 4 first places, 3 second place winners, and 3 third place winners and 4 honorable mentions. Wednesday, June 15 at 10:30AM is the ceremony celebrating these winners at the Metra building in downtown.

First place winners: Olivia C. Kim, Madelyn Lee, Joy Zhou, Janet Wong

Second place winners: Habin Park, Yebin Park, Leon Kosciak

Third place winners: Katrina Boroski, Madeline Oh, Sarah Wagner

Honorable mentions: Frank Kosciak, Nicholas Konchan, Fiona Chen, Stephanie Wolfso


This year's poster theme was unplug for safety. This year alone we had 10 different winners!  We had 5 first place winners, 3 second place winners, and 2 third place winners. Jun 17 2015 , Metra came to conduct interviews at our school to document the school's participation in this poster contest. Metra interviewed the director as well as the winning art students.

First place winners: Parker Lee, Yebin Park, Madeline Lee, Julia Petria, Leon Kosciak

Second place winners: Yenmeng Liang, Anna Lipkind

Third place winners: Habin Park, Maryland Buckingham, Sarah Warner