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2018 Ongoing Class Schedule

Drawing & Painting (Freshman-Sophomore)

This class is designed for students who want to develop their art skills.  We teach all media and students are required to complete in-depth work.

DURATION: 8 weeks-Thursday (6:00-8:00 PM), Saturday (1:00 – 3:00 PM) 
(Saturday classes are only available during the school year)

 PRICE: $470

 Portfolio Class (Junior-Senior)

This class is designed for students who want to apply to Art School or the Art Department of a University.  Colleges require a portfolio of 15-20 pieces. Admission is very competitive, and a student must have a high quality and varied portfolio.  Experienced teacher supervises students for optimum success. 

 DURATION: 8 weeks-Thursday (6:00-8:00 PM), Saturday (11:00 am - 1:00 pm, 1:00 – 3:00 PM)  
(Saturday classes are only available during the school year)

PRICE: $510

Computer Graphics (Freshman-Senior)- TBA


Students will learn latest concepts in graphic design and motion graphics in Adobe Illustrator and  After Effects.  

3Dimensional Design (Junior-Senior)-TBA

Students will learn spatial concepts - negative and positive space, concave and convex space, and the use of space in design.  Students will learn how to coordinate media and spatial designs.  This class is highly recommended for a high-quality portfolio


  • Parent/Guardian must sign and date a physical registration form by the first lesson.

  • The registration form and payment must be completed before the first lesson of each session begins.

  • Payment is required in full (unless otherwise arranged) on time before the first lesson of the session.

  • Tuition is charged by session and may be paid by check or cash. No credit cards, please.

  • Classes are canceled when the enrollment minimums are not reached.

  • Students may make up a class for which they were absent with the exception of Digital Art and Animation

  • Making up a missed class must be done during the same session the student signed up for.

  • I give permission to Glenview School of Arts to use my child's photograph and academic information on the school website, ads, and also give the option to participate in competitions.

  • Students take their artworks on the last day of each session. Glenview School of Arts is not responsible for any lost artworks.

  • Students must bring their own art supplies to each class. Parents/Guardians will receive an art supply list prior to the first lesson either through e-mail or a phone call.

  • Should a student not bring supplies after two reminders, a $5 rental fee will be charged per lesson for use of the school’s supplies