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  • Parent/Guardian must sign and date a physical registration form by the first lesson.
  • The registration form and payment must be completed before the first lesson of each session begins.
  • Payment is required in full on time before the first lesson of the session.
  • Tuition is charged by session and may be paid by check or cash. No credit cards, please.
  • Classes are canceled when the enrollment minimums are not reached.
  • Making up a missed class must be done during the same session the student signed up for.
  • I give permission to Glenview School of Arts to use my child's photograph and academic information on the school website, ads, and also give the option to participate in competitions.
  • Students take their artworks on the last day of each session. Glenview School of Arts is not responsible for any lost artworks.
  • Students must bring their own art supplies to each class. Parents/Guardians will receive an art supply list prior to the first lesson either through e-mail or a phone call.