Students' Artworks




Supply List

  • One #2 pencil

  • One large eraser

  • Set of 50 Crayola Color Pencils (or other comparable brand)

  • Packaged Snack (optional)

Ages 6-8

2019 Winter & Spring Class Schedule: 

  • Spring Session: 3/18/2019 - 6/8/2019 (11 weeks) (Spring Art Camp Break: 3/25/2019-3/29/2019)

    • For more information on Spring and Summer Art Camps, please go to our “Spring Art Camp” and “Summer Art Camp” pages


6-8 Schedule.jpg

Class Description + Tuition



Drawing & Painting            

Have fun while learning drawing techniques.  Use observational skills, imagination, and a wide variety of materials to create unique works of art.

  • 10 weeks: $340 (Winter session)

  • 11 weeks: $370 (Spring session)

  • 21 weeks: $680

For new students interested in painting, on the first day of class we will do a skill evaluation to see what their skill level is and to determine the proper course progression

Multi-Media Class

This class will focus on 3D projects and the development of 3D observational skills. Students will use materials such as paper-mache, construction paper, clay, and wire to create animals, trees, buildings, and abstract shapes.

  • 10 weeks: $375 (Winter session)

  • 11 weeks: $410 (Spring session)

  • 21 weeks: $755

Animation and Computer Design

Instructors will use Photoshop, Illustrator to teach the latest techniques and developments in the growing world of computer arts. Students will learn beginning skills in animation and computer graphics.

  • 10 weeks: $490 (Winter session)

  • 11 weeks: $535 (Spring session)

  • 21 weeks: $1020


Students will learn to make functional and decorative ceramics by hand. Basic ceramic skills will be taught – coiling, slabs, pinching, modeling.

  • 10 weeks: $320 (Winter session)

  • 11 weeks: $350 (Spring session)

  • 21 weeks: $670


Students will create their own unique fashion designs on top of illustration templates. Students can out their fashion models and then create their very own fashion books!

  • 10 weeks: $340 (Winter session)

  • 11 weeks: $370 (Spring session)

  • 21 weeks: $670


Learn to develop a mural that you will use as the scenery of your original play performance. Instructor guided, emphasis on team work, learn simple perspective principles, painting skills, and have fun with public speaking.

  • 10 weeks: $300 (Winter session)

  • 11 weeks: $330 (Spring session)

  • 21 weeks: $630



  • Parent/Guardian must sign and date a physical registration form by the first lesson.

  • The registration form and payment must be completed before the first lesson of each session begins.

  • Payment is required in full (unless otherwise arranged) on time before the first lesson of the session.

  • Tuition is charged by session and may be paid by check or cash. No credit cards, please.

  • Classes are canceled when the enrollment minimums are not reached.

  • Students may make up a class for which they were absent with the exception of Digital Art and Animation

  • Making up a missed class must be done during the same session the student signed up for.

  • I give permission to Glenview School of Arts to use my child's photograph and academic information on the school website, ads, and also give the option to participate in competitions.

  • Students take their artworks on the last day of each session. Glenview School of Arts is not responsible for any lost artworks.

  • Students must bring their own art supplies to each class. Parents/Guardians will receive an art supply list prior to the first lesson either through e-mail or a phone call.

  • Should a student not bring supplies after two reminders, a $5 rental fee will be charged per lesson for use of the school’s supplies